Since 1989, the health food shop Euvita also belongs to the Pharmacy Peer in Brixen. The idea behind setting up this shop was to help our customers and patients not only in the case of illness with medicine. A healthy way of living that can counteract the development of many illnesses is fostered by a wide choice of high quality food products, natural body care products and practical information.

Euvita stocks wholemeal food, all kinds of cereals, ground on request, muesli, honey and jams for breakfast, food for babies and infants from the companies Holle and Sunval, pasta, soups, sauces and spreads, high quality oils from Crudigno and Ecor, as well as unadulterated wines, guaranteed in accordance with Bioland guidelines. In addition there is a large selection of spices and medicinal herbs. Juices suitable for special diets from Biotta, Elixiere, Tonika and capsules of the companies Aboca, Biosline and Salus, various ginseng and Royal Jelly preparations cater for possible necessary supplements and complement an overall healthy diet.

For personal hygiene they also have a wide choice of high quality products. The cosmetics lines of Dr. Grandel, Nature’s and Dr. Hauschka offer a free choice for every type of skin and size of purse. Shampoos from Lavera and Planter’s as well as hair colours from BioKap, a wide variety of means and methods to fight cellulite as well as sun care products and decorative cosmetics of Lepo round off the range of cosmetics. In addition there are massage devices and foot care products, the well-known Kneipp products, the complete Weleda schedule and the peat and herbal products of Sonnenmoor.

Choose from this comprehensive range of products the most suitable products so that you can feel yourself healthy and fit from head to toe.