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Mumia Vera

Trusted since 1787

We produce separate herbal mixtures to meet our customers wishes and also in accordance with a medical prescription. In addition, we offer a choice of the most used preparations for all complaints that can be treated well with medicinal herbs suitable for self-medication.

Handed down and tried and tested

The use of medicinal herbs dates back to the beginnings of the history of mankind. They were the first medicine people used and their effects were handed down from generation to generation.

Due to the enormous progress in chemical-pharmaceutical research in recent decades, we now know exactly the ingredients of at least all local medicinal herbs. Today we can confirm that there is a return to using medicinal plants in their original form just as generally in medicine there is a trend towards the use of natural medicine.

In line with this development we keep about 300 different medicinal herbs in stock in our pharmacy. We only use pharma-copoeia-tested products, buy the best and most recent batches and always take care that they are properly stored in a dry place.

Please get in touch with us for detailed information, further requests or orders. We are happy to advise you!


Breakfast tea

This herbal mixture, rich in vitamins, is a refreshing drink for all the family and a healthy addition for breakfast.

Contents: 50 g

Health tea

Suitable for everybody who likes to drink a cup of this delicious tasting herbal tea daily.

Contents: 40 g

Peer-Haustee (traditional tea)

Can be drunk hot or cold at any time of the year. It is a thirst-quenching, digestible drink. It mixes very well with apple or orange juice.

Contents: 60 g

Vitality tea

Can give fresh impetus to your organism with its lightly dehydrating and metabolism-activating effect.

Contents: 50 g

Winter tea

Cinnamon, orange peel and cloves lend this mixture a special aroma that is especially popular in the cold season.

Contents: 50 g

Breakfast tea

This herbal mixture, rich in vitamins, is a refreshing drink for all the family and a healthy addition for breakfast.

Contents: 50 g

Diabetic tea

To support treatment in the case of diabetes and as a complement to the medicine prescribed by your doctor.

Contents: 50 g

Liver-gall bladder-tea

Stimulates the flow of bile from the gall bladder, has an antispasmodic effect and consequently supports medicinal treatment of liver and gall bladder illnesses.

Contents: 60 g


Serves primarily as treatment of sore throat, gingivitis and hoarseness.

Contents: 150 ml

Sage comp. drops

Can be used daily in addition to oral hygiene. They are harmless and will not colour teeth. They give a fresh, pleasant feeling and prevent inflammation.

Contents: 30 ml

Tea for colds and flu

Effectively eases rheumatic pains caused by colds and reduces raised body temperature with its diaphoretic effect.

Contents: 50 g

Chest rub for adults

As a supportive treatment for colds, coughs and bronchitis. The essential oils loosen the secretion stasis in the nose and in this way ease breathing. They also repress bacteria and have an expectorant effect. It is not suitable for small children.

Contents: 50 g

Chest rub for children

The same effect and use as the chest rub for adults. Specially made for children.

Contents: 50 g

Bronchial tea

Helps with hoarseness, frees mucus and consequently as a supportive treatment for coughs and other respiratory disorders.

Contents: 50 g

Cough syrup with ivy

A herbal-based cough syrup for all the family, relieves tickle in throat, loosens mucus and eases its removal. Not suitable for diabetics. Does not contain sorbitol.

Contents: 150 ml

Cough syrup with ivy without sugar

With sorbitol instead of sugar and so suitable for diabetics.

Contents: 150 ml

Ribwort syrup

Eases tickle in the throat with its effect of protecting the mucous membrane. Very popular with children because it is not only effective it also tastes good. Not suitable for diabetics.

Contents: 150 ml

Thyme cough drops

They have a supportive effect in the case of inflammation of the upper airways, stimulate coughing up stubborn mucus and calm a niggling tickle in the throat.

Contents: 30 ml

Paracetamol capsules

The combination of paracetamol and caffeine quickly and efficiently relieves headaches.

Contents: 4 caps.

Sinus drops

Suitable for colds in the head and inflammation of paranasal sinuses. The persistent mucus is removed and breathing is again easy.

Contents: 30 ml

Haussalbe (traditional ointment)

Brings quick relief in the case of all kinds of skin irritations such as for example allergic skin rashes, eczema and cuts after shaving.

Contents: 50 g

Ichthyol Ointment 20%

Used with an adhesive bandage the ointment has an anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and soothing effect.

Contents: 20 g

Almond oil ointment

Relieves skin irritations and boosts complete and natural healing of sore parts of skin.

Contents: 50 g / 100 g

Panthenol ointment

An ointment that makes redness and various skin diseases subside more quickly.

Contents: 50 g

Calendula ointment

A natural alternative in the case of badly healing wounds and skin problems. It curbs inflammation processes, stimulates tissue repair and thus speeds up the healing process.

Contents: 50 g

Swansol ointment

A soft zinc ointment, mixed with cod liver oil, for optimal care of irritated skin. Ideal also for the diaper area of small children and babies.

Contents: 50 g / 100 g

Acne rubbing alcohol

Used externally it has an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effect and cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells.

Contents: 100 ml


Special care for dry and sensitive skin. Does not contain fragrance or preservatives.

Contents: 200 g

Hand lotion

For daily care in the case of dry and rough hands it has a nourishing, moisturising and protective effect against outside influences.

Contents: 50 g

Hand ointment with urea

For daily care in the case of very dry and chapped hands, e.g., after frequent contact with water and in the case of allergic skin rashes. Does not contain fragrance or preservatives.

Contents: 100 g

Cleft ointment

For treatment of very dry skin and fissures on hands and feet. Nightly use of an ointment bandage makes the skin smooth again after a few days.

Contents: 50 g

Lip balm

An excellent aid in the case of rough and chapped lips, especially well suited for healing a herpes infection.

Contents: 10 g

Night moisturiser

Pleasant care for dry skin, based on avocado oil. Does not contain fragrance or preservatives.

Contents: 45 g

Day cream

Moisture-giving daily care with urea. Does not contain fragrance or preservatives.

Contents: 45 g

Saint john’s wort oil

Treatment of wounds and first-degree burns as well as post-treatment of scars. It is also suitable as massage oil for muscle tensions. Saint John’s Wort oil can cause oversensitivity to ultraviolet rays, therefore when using it there should be no direct exposure to the sun.

Contents: 100 ml

Cardiovascular tea

Supporting treatment in the case of cardiovascular complaints. It regulates blood pressure and is an ideal addition to medicinal therapy.

Contents: 60 g

Cardiovascular drops

Hawthorn, mistletoe and Melissa bolster the cardiovascular system. It is especially recommended for older people to strengthen the effectiveness of their hearts.

Contents: 50 ml

Tummy ointment

If massaged in gently, it relieves the spasmodic stomach pains of babies and small children.

Contents: 50 g

Tummy tea for children

It prevents flatulence and spasmodic complaints in the stomach and intestinal region and tastes good even without sugar. Ideal for small children and during lactation together with nursing tea.

Contents: 100 g

Carminative tea

Eliminates bloating, flatulence and the spasmodic stomach and intestinal complaints associated with it. This pleasant-tasting mixture is also especially suited for children.

Contents: 60 g

Carminative drops

In support of the digestive functions in the case of bloating, flatulence and spasmodic stomach and intestinal complaints.

Contents: 50 ml

Children’s balm

It takes effect due to the chosen essential oils and soothes flatulence and is antispasmodic.

Contents: 250 ml

Gastritis tea

This is outstandingly suitable for nervous stomach complaints and gastritis. An ideal supplement to prescribed medicines.

Contents: 50 g

Hienfong essence

A tried and tested household remedy that is taken internally for nervous complaints or rubbed on as an embrocation or as a compress depending on the kind of pain.

Contents: 100 ml

Stomach tea

The incorporated bitters stimulate digestion and counteract pains in the stomach.

Contents: 50 g

Stomach drops

Taken before meals they stimulate the appetite and boost the flow of bile from the gall bladder. Taken after meals on the other hand they stimulate digestion, remove bloating and flatulence. They also help with nausea. Suitable for children.

Contents: 50 ml

Mixture for the large swedish bitters

A herbal mixture for preparation of Swedish bitters serves as a traditional household remedy that can be taken in the case of stomach and intestinal disorders as well as used as compresses in the case of aches and pains.

Contents: 180 g

Swedish bitters in liquid form

A traditional household remedy that can be taken for stomach and intestinal complaints as well as used for compresses in the case of aches and pains.

Contents: 150 ml

Ginger capsules

They have proved to be effective in the case of travel sickness and nausea without causing fatigue and are easily tolerated.

Contents: 10 caps.

Laxative tea

Eliminates persistent constipation. It should be taken only for one to two weeks. It is not suitable for pregnant women and children below the age of 12.

Contents: 50 g

Laxative mixture

A herbal mixture with a purgative effect. Not recommended for long-term use.

Contents: 60 g

Gout and rheumatism tea

Increases the excretion of uric acid, activates the metabolism and thus supports the therapy of acute and chronic rheumatic pains – an optimal supplement to the medicine prescribed.

Contents: 50 g

Arnica gel

Provides quick relief in the case of sports injuries, contusions, bruises and similar injuries through its cooling effect and can be used quite safely for a longer time provided the skin is intact.

Contents: 70 g

Arnica tincture

Helps in the case of sports injuries, contusions, bruises and swellings after bone fractures. Always dilute (1:5) the tincture for embrocations as well as for compresses and do not put on open wounds!

Contents: 100 ml

Comfrey ointment

Especially effective in the case of muscle and joint complaints, bruises, pulled muscles and sprains as well as abrasions and injuries. Especially suitable for children.

Contents: 70 g

Anti-inflammatory ointment

Relieves rheumatic complaints and painful inflammations of musculature, joints and tendons.

Contents: 50 g

Rubbing alcohol

Cooling and decongestant effect in the case of all kinds of rheumatic pains and sports injuries.

Contents: 250 ml

Mountain pine rubbing alcohol

A refreshing embrocation after sporting exertions as well as in the case of fatigue and heaviness in limbs.

Contents: 250 ml

Horse balm

Beneficial in the case of joint complaints, back tensions, tired muscles and aching muscles.

Contents: 130 g

Cooling trauma balm

A cooling balm with menthol for acute complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

Contents: 80 g

Marmot balm

The “natural cortisone” has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect in the case of painful joints and rheumatic diseases. The marmot has played a meaningful role in the alpine region for centuries. Marmot grease has a special effect on musculature and joints because of its positive qualities. From old written records it is well-known that marmot balm has a beneficial relief especially in the case of overstraining.

Contents: 70 g

Warming trauma balm

A warming balm with capsicum extract for persistent, chronic injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Contents: 80 g

Spirit of melissa

Tried and tested household remedy in the case of nervous disorders for going to sleep, stressed and overwrought stomach or nervous loss of appetite. Embrocations have a calming effect in the case of mosquito bites and headaches.

Contents: 150 ml

Valerian drops

They have a calming and relaxing effect without lessening or limiting the powers of concentration. Recommended especially in cases of states of nervous restlessness and chronic insomnia.

Contents: 50 ml

Bedtime tea for children

Prepares for a good night’s sleep in the case of nervous restlessness and chronic insomnia. No sugar added and ideal for children.

Contents: 50 g

Nerve and calming tea

Drunk during the day it has a calming effect and taken in the evening it makes it easier to fall asleep.

Contents: 50 g

Passion flower drops

The passion flower extract, green oats, hawthorn, hops and valerian reduce nervous restlessness and help in the case of sleep disorders.

Contents: 50 ml

Valerian comp. capsules

The extracts of valerian, hops and passion flowers have a calming effect and help in the case of nervousness, restlessness and chronic insomnia.

Contents: 10 caps. / 30 caps.

Balance tea

Creates a beneficial balance in the case of mood swings and balances out physical differences. Suitable for women of all ages.

Contents: 40 g

Saint john’s wort drops

Saint John’s wort preparations have a positive effect in the case of mild depressive mood swings if taken regularly for a specific period of time. We are happy to advise you about possible reciprocal effects with other medicines. Saint John’s wort can induce intolerance to ultraviolet rays. Therefore exposure to the sun should be avoided during use.

Contents: 50 ml

Bladder and kidney tea

Has a supportive effect in the case of bladder complaints. The tea increases diuresis, carefully flushes the kidneys and disinfects urinary tracts. A predominantly vegetarian diet reinforces the effect.

Contents: 40 g

Prostate tea

Stimulates and relieves diuresis and prevents inflammatory diseases of the ascending urinary tract. An ideal supplement to medicinal therapy for prostate complaints.

Contents: 60 g

Menstruation tea

An antispasmodic and calming tea mixture for the menstrual period.

Contents: 40 g

Pregnancy tea

A mixture of tried and tested herbs to prepare for giving birth.

Contents: 90 g

Nursing tea

This mixture of selected herbs has a positive effect on lactation. In addition it has a relaxing and calming effect and can be drunk during the whole period of lactation. Ideal together with tummy tea for children.

Contents: 100 g

Menopause tea

Moderates mood disorders, such as restlessness, insomnia and mood swings that appear during the menopause.

Contents: 50 g

Blood-cleansing tea

Activates the metabolism and in this way counteracts skin impurities. This tea mixture does not contain any laxative herbs.

Contents: 60 g

Diuretic tea

Leads to careful washing out of any water retention. Care should be taken to ensure sufficient supply of liquid. Not suitable in the case of restricted heart or kidney action.

Contents: 40 g

Precious maycur tea

Prepared according to a prescription more than 100 years old, this mixture has a purging, diuretic and laxative effect. This mixture is especially popular for a spring cure.

Contents: 100 g

Seaweed herbal mixture

Activates the metabolism and makes it easier to lose weight with its laxative and diuretic effect. Not suitable for people with thyroid problems. Should only be used in the short-term!

Contents: 60 g

Acid-base tea

A compensative tea mixture that stimulates the metabolism. It is also suitable for spring-time cures.

Contents: 40 g

Acerola plus capsules

The combination of zinc and natural vitamin C from the Acerola cherry and rose hip strengthens the immune system and reduces susceptibility to infection when taken.

Contents: 30 caps. / 60 caps.

Tea mixture for the immune system

Leads, together with the general measures such as for example exercise in the fresh air and a balanced diet, to increasing the body’s defences and reducing susceptibility to infection.

Contents: 60 g

Herpes-lysine capsules

As a dietary supplement in the case of a lack of lysine and constantly recurring Herpes infections.

Contents: 30 caps.

China eisenwein (traditional iron mixture)

Restorative in the case of diminished appetite, anaemia and listlessness.

Contents: 500 ml / 1 l

Hair and nails capsules

Ideal for skin, hair and nails. Invigorate hair and roots of hair, strengthen brittle nails and stimulate healthy growth.

Contents: 30 caps. / 90 caps.

Antiperspirant gel

Safeguards reliably against excessive sweating and soothes skin through the addition of calendula extract.

Contents: 50 g

Antiperspirant roll-on

Has a reliable effect in the case of excessive sweating. Twice weekly use is sufficient.

Contents: 50 g

Chilblain ointment

Alleviates itch and improves the blood flow to the lower extremities during the cold winter months.

Contents: 45 g

Ginkgo capsules

Improves circulation and helps improve concentration and memory. Must not be taken with anticoagulants.

Contents: 60 caps. (à 120 mg)

Haemorrhoid tea

Provides for an easy, painless bowel movement and helps heal haemorrhoids.

Contents: 50 g

Corn tincture

A lotion to remove corns. The corn can be easily removed after careful applications over a period of several days.

Contents: 10 ml

Herbal hair tonic

Gently massaged in it activates blood flow to the scalp, eliminates dandruff and the itchiness associated with it. The tonic does not make hair greasy and can be used daily without washing-off.

Contents: 150 ml

Rectal ointment

This cortisone-free ointment has a pleasant cooling effect. It relieves pain quickly, encourages healing and disinfects. It can also be used during pregnancy.

Contents: 30 g

Ear drops for divers

Ear drops with acid, disinfecting and nurturing qualities to prevent inflammation of the outer auditory canal when diving and swimming.

Contents: 50 ml

Anti-wart tincture

A lotion for removing warts. After several days of careful applications on the place concerned, the upper horn layer peels away and the wart can be scraped away with the help of a nail file.

Contents: 10 g