Dr. Elisabeth Fehrenbach Peer opened the Pharmacy Peer in Lana in December 2002. It is the second pharmacy in Lana and also the second run by the Peer Family from Brixen.

The new pharmacy was accepted very quickly in Lana and over the years has formed a „health centre“ around the Tribusplatz. Then in 2007 Stephan Peer took over his mother‘s pharmacy.

Due to cooperation with the pharmacy in Brixen a wide choice of their own products is also available in Lana. In addition all medicines, dietary food for celiac patients (including frozen products) and of course diabetes preparations, compression hosiery and much more. Special products can be obtained in a very short time – even from abroad. Recently a lot of importance has been placed on new services and good service. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels, liver values and haemoglobin as well as vein and body fat readings can be offered as services.